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Physician Testimonials

"At the beginning I didn't believe that such a simple treatment as IncontiLase could be so effective in treating indications such as mild and moderate Stress Urinary Incontinence. But when my first patient, whom I treated one year ago for moderate SUI, reported that she is dry from the day of the procedure, I began to change my mind. Today, after treating many patients, I can say that the results we have obtained with this new technology are exceeding my expectations. And after one year, my first patient is still dry and very happy with the change IncontiLase brought to her life."

Ivan Fistonic, MD, PhD

Fistonic Gynecology Clinic

Zagreb, Croatia


 “Fotona’s IntimaLase procedure is highly effecticve at improving patients sexual function and sensitivity, and even decrease the risk of urinary incontinence, genital prolapse and other vaginal conditions. This technique is the most requested procedure in my office, with about 60% of patients seeking relief from functional problems.”

Jorge Gaviria, MD
Aldana Laser Center
Caracas, Venezuela


"I’m especially thrilled with the positive results we’ve had when treating vaginal atrophy. The use of the FotonaSmooth® laser in this very common pathology has set a new standard of treatment for my practice. We are able to move away from long-term hormone replacement therapies that have received negative media attention and created concern in our patients, and toward laser light treatments that have the patient symptom-free for many months with no adverse complications."

Adrian Gaspar, MD
Mendoza University


Patient Testimonials

"The treatment the doctor gave me was perfect. No leaks after 20 days and going strong. Now I can go back to my passion ...running, and not have to worry about any leakage. Thanks doc."


"I have suffered in silence for the past 5 years wondering what the rest of my life would be like. Now after two treatments I am free to explore the world and not have to cater to this humiliating condition. The treatment was painless and it only took 20 minutes. I think every woman should have it done soon after the birth of a child."


“I had a mild problem with leaking urine and I’ve experienced a decline in libido. Six months ago I had a laser treatment for vaginal laxity. I was surprised at how quick and painless the procedure was. Moreover, I noticed the difference immediately as I walked around town and went to lunch. After the surgery, I was advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for two weeks. Waiting has paid off! My libido and sensation during intercourse has been restored in a sense that is better than ever. Even orgasms are stronger and longer. The problem with urine leakage has completely disappeared.” Brenda, 59 years old


“My experience was 100% positive. My partner also felt a difference, and both of us are very happy with the results. I had no pain during the 15-minute procedure and I felt no discomfort after it. The change was very noticeable. I was narrower, I felt more pleasure when having sex and orgasms improved, more intense and better in quality than before. My partner commented; “ Why didn’t you do this before?” I’ve mentioned it to all my friends because the results are great and the effect has lasted. They shouldn’t be scared. They should try it because the improvement is significant.” Maria, 34 years old


“Since I was always an active type I wanted to maintain the same lifestyle after two deliveries. I play tennis and run a lot. Due to leakage of urine, I used to wear pads day and night. I was diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence, but by any standards my problem is not adequate for an operation. Kegel exercises, despite consistency did not help. I read about the laser therapy in a women’s health magazine. Six weeks after the procedure I was completely dry. Summer is coming and I cannot believe I have freed myself from the eternal pads!” Irena 33 years old